Still running for the cheese (or why this blog still exists)

As my regular readers can tell, this has been a dry year for me. Just look at the number of posts this year vs. 2008! Awhile back, I had considered either shutting down the Maze, or starting a new blog that would more accurately reflect where I am in life now. Truth be told, sometimes I come here, look around, and feel distinctly hypocrytical about the things I want to write. I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever be in that kind of place.
As the time in between posts has grown longer, I came to realize something. Without the past years' material, where I am now makes very little sense. What good is the destination without the journey? As Christians, so much of the best stuff that happens to us is in the times God is molding us to His image. To throw away the evidence of that process would somehow cheapen the result, I think.
So, here we are, dear friends. I think my little mousie may just have rounded a corner finally. Some things will change around here to reflect the changes in my heart. And you know what? That's ok. As much as I typically rage against anything changed in my life, I'm learning to accept the God-given ones. My prayer is that some of you may be encouraged by what you read here. Hey, you may even be challenged. And of course, if you know me, then you know you always stand a good chance of being offended too. Not intentionally, to be sure! Just know that what you find as you wander this Maze with me may surprise you as much as it does me.

All that to say this:

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My new addiction

OK so I do have an addiction to start with, however this is a new one. (notice the shiny new title?)
My original addiction, that started the search for this new one, is lip balm. Yup, lip balm. Ever since I was about 14, I've been literally addicted to lip balm. Previously, my balm of choice was Bonne Bell LipSmackers. If I'm not applying this stuff regularly, I get a tad twitchy.
"Whoa Mrs. P., whatever brought *this* on?", you ask.
"Ah, faithful reader, sit right back and I'll tell a tale..."
I think most girls of my generation back then read Seventeen magazine. I see you're familiar with the title? They did an article about strange teenage addictions, once upon a time. Being the easily suggestible child I was (wait that's changed how?), I read in fascination about a girl's struggles to overcome chapstick addiction. Fascination changed to horror in the following days as I realized I too was needed "the stick" more and more.
Anywho, I've come to terms with my addiction. After all, it may be odd, but it's really not hurting anyone. Well, maybe Mr. P.'s wallet every few weeks but he's used to it. ;P
MonkeyMan has been learning in school about the 3 R's (and no, it's not the ones you and I learned.)- reduce, reuse, recycle. Now I ask, when a supercute 7 year old pleads with you to "do our part" in saving the planet, how do you say no? If you happen to be said cutie's mom, well, you don't. As I've been looking into healthier living choices for our family anyway, I thought "Why not look into more natural or sustainable options for my personal care items?" Frankly, I'll be the first to admit that my stuff is what we spend the most on here. I'm greatly spoiled. So I listened in a little more carefully to the "crunchier" topics on my various moms message boards (check out the link list "Feelin' the love") and found a few ways to change my habits. At first, a bit squeamish because me and change? Well, we don't get along so much. But now? There's the addiction.
Try Hyena Cart. Self-dubbed as "a collection of earth-friendly shops", and on most of these moms boards, I noticed moms had banners in their signatures. Hmmm. I checked it out. I'm all for supporting the WAHM (work at home mom), mainly because I'd love to be one myself, however I have no skill outside of smart-ass-ery. Not terribly marketable. On Hyena Cart, I discovered 2 new addictions. (sure to find more though. Yowza!) Here they are, and I recommend them highly:

Clear Hills Honey Company
Holy smokes the lip balms!! Ah yeah!

Here's the 2 collections I bought. Mmmmmm. I really don't know what I'm lovin' more, the balm itself or those totally adorable golden bees! Seriously though, just looking at the label on my new Vanilla Honey flavored one (ooh nummerz! Pardon the lolspeak, it comes out when I'm excited) it says this:
sweet almond oil, beeswax, coca butter, vitamin E, honey, propolis, and essential oils.
Wow. Doesn't get much better than that. Now the feel of this bad boy, ooh. Glides so smooth on the lips, and just sinks into them. Not heavy at all, and tastes fabulous.
As an aside, I have a crusty old neighbor who steals my mail. When it had been a few days, and I was concerned as to the whereabouts of my precious balms, I contacted Carmela. A prompt reply from her, and she tracked my goodies! Better customer service can't bee (get it? BEE?) found!

Happy Mama Originals
Now before you go "Ewwww", think about it for a second. (disclaimer- I went "Ewww" too) If you're like me, and use a disposable pantiliner every day, right there is a bunch of garbage waste. Then there's the chemical component. Not good for our bodies, and not good for our Earth. So, I switched to reusable mama cloth liners. I'll admit I can't give up my "plugs" and go to mama cloth for my regular flow, or switch to a Diva cup or the like, but I'm loving these.

Minkee velour liners, and she included an organic lavender sachet. (not pictured, a lingerie bag for washing. turned out way too white in the flash) These lovelies are so soft on the skin, and wash up so nicely. Can't say enough about how wonderful I've felt since switching. Seriously, give 'em a try!

I'm thinking of possibly doing a little goodie basket giveaway when I reach 100 posts. Any interest? Join the addiction!

Til next squeak,

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