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As my regular readers can tell, this has been a dry year for me. Just look at the number of posts this year vs. 2008! Awhile back, I had considered either shutting down the Maze, or starting a new blog that would more accurately reflect where I am in life now. Truth be told, sometimes I come here, look around, and feel distinctly hypocrytical about the things I want to write. I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever be in that kind of place.
As the time in between posts has grown longer, I came to realize something. Without the past years' material, where I am now makes very little sense. What good is the destination without the journey? As Christians, so much of the best stuff that happens to us is in the times God is molding us to His image. To throw away the evidence of that process would somehow cheapen the result, I think.
So, here we are, dear friends. I think my little mousie may just have rounded a corner finally. Some things will change around here to reflect the changes in my heart. And you know what? That's ok. As much as I typically rage against anything changed in my life, I'm learning to accept the God-given ones. My prayer is that some of you may be encouraged by what you read here. Hey, you may even be challenged. And of course, if you know me, then you know you always stand a good chance of being offended too. Not intentionally, to be sure! Just know that what you find as you wander this Maze with me may surprise you as much as it does me.

All that to say this:

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Meme

Monday meme time again! And hey, I remembered! :)

1) What are the three most important family values in your family? For the world? Are they the same? Hmmm, in our family, I'd have to say perseverance, faith, and love. For the world, forgiveness, unconditional love, and faith. Not too different, but good things for everyone on earth I think.

2) Name your least favorite candy. Why do you dislike it so much? Butterscotch. Bleah. It's too sweet and too um buttery.

3) Among your friends, which would you choose as the next Pope? Well, we're not Catholic, but I'd choose Dawn. She's such an amazing lady. Truly. She's got an amazing heart, even after having been through so much. I think she'd really be a force for God in the world (not that she isn't already ;) ) if given that kind of a stage. She's counseled me through much, and helped me to grow in my faith. Of all the women I know, she is one powerhouse lady of God.

4) What is the slowest realization you've ever come to? Oh geez pick one. Seriously I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I'd have to say the slowest realization I have ever come to is that I really am meant for Mr. P. and he for me. (mmmm bad grammar so tasty) "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine."- Song of Solomon 6:3. We said that at our wedding and it still holds true today. It just took some time to really understand what all that entails.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

OK first, HA! I figured out how to put the darn pic in here! HA! Now that *that* is out of my system...
Honestly it makes me think God is laughing at me. Like here I am going down the road of faith/life/whatever existential thing your into, and WHOA, your like, SLOW lady. Dee dee dee.
Yeah, low self-esteem day. LOL.

Til next squeak,

2 Squeaks from the Maze:

Cat. said...

I dunno about it being a low self-esteem day. Taking things slowly, i.e. carefully, seems eminently sensible.

"...mmmm bad grammar so tasty..." crack me UP--I'm still giggling.

Also very happy there'll be more butterscotch around for me. ;-)

Mrs. P. said...

LOL. I meant slow, as in, like, special, but sure I'll take careful too.

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