Still running for the cheese (or why this blog still exists)

As my regular readers can tell, this has been a dry year for me. Just look at the number of posts this year vs. 2008! Awhile back, I had considered either shutting down the Maze, or starting a new blog that would more accurately reflect where I am in life now. Truth be told, sometimes I come here, look around, and feel distinctly hypocrytical about the things I want to write. I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever be in that kind of place.
As the time in between posts has grown longer, I came to realize something. Without the past years' material, where I am now makes very little sense. What good is the destination without the journey? As Christians, so much of the best stuff that happens to us is in the times God is molding us to His image. To throw away the evidence of that process would somehow cheapen the result, I think.
So, here we are, dear friends. I think my little mousie may just have rounded a corner finally. Some things will change around here to reflect the changes in my heart. And you know what? That's ok. As much as I typically rage against anything changed in my life, I'm learning to accept the God-given ones. My prayer is that some of you may be encouraged by what you read here. Hey, you may even be challenged. And of course, if you know me, then you know you always stand a good chance of being offended too. Not intentionally, to be sure! Just know that what you find as you wander this Maze with me may surprise you as much as it does me.

All that to say this:

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Meme

Happy Monday!!

(yeah I'm feelin' it)
It's Meme time again, and even though Cat's stuck with a buncha teenagers, we still get to meme the day away. Gotta love Blogger's newest feature! (in case you aren't in the know, you can set up posts to publish at a later date)
1) Who is the best-dressed person you know? Heheheh, does it have to be someone I *personally* know? ;) Because if not, well, I think we all know my answer. Ahhh Neal...
2) What do you think the 11th Commandment should be? Thou shalt not vote Republican. There, I said it!
3) What was the biggest bridge you've ever burned? Any regrets? Normally I would've said, "When I left CMF, and yes, I regret it every day." However, God worked a miracle for me, and I not only am back there, but feel welcomed. So, this time, I can say that I have no bridges burnt that I regret.
4) What action or event has made you the most proud? Having my kids. Hands down the bestestest days of my life.
?5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
Why do sports enthusiasts feel the need to cover themselves with paint? Seriously? I'll never understand that. ~smh~
On a memory kinda note, it makes me think of all the BEHS vs. BCHS football games I attended back in the day when I was in high school marching band. One in particular. Mr. P. knows the one I'm thinking of. ;)
Til next squeak,

4 Squeaks from the Maze:

LarryG said...

Based on your blog opening you qualify for the "Lori" award ...
see it on the top right of my web.

Dedicated to recognizing...
"Not So Super Person"

Need Help? Admit It? You Qualify for a 'Lori' - It's based on Ph 4:13 - we do what we do through the one who gives strength
You can copy the "award" logo off my web if you like... it's not so super but the best i could do on short notice... if you don't mind link it back over to Lori just the same as it is linked off my website.
that's where the inspiration came from.
And you can recommend and award others the "Not So Super Person" award, as you feel they deserve it.
Bless and Be Blessed

Mrs. P. said...

Well this fit into both my "What the heck?!" and my "Well now" catagories today! Thanks LarryG for both the nomination and the chuckle. I am certainly a "Not So Super Person"...just ask Mr. P.

LarryG said...

maybe add to your caption...
'Lori' Award winner- Ph 4:13 - we do what we do through the one who gives strength
if you don't mind... :)

Cat. said...

Hey there. Thanks for thinking of me (us)--and for playing along. I love reading your replies...especially #2 (AMEN!) and #4.

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